Visor is a financial advisor that makes complicated tax situations simple.

What we are

The intersection of automation and human communication.

Technology at core, Human at heart.

We believe that technology and human is not a question of either or but rather one of and. Combining scalable technology with human experts allow us to creates the best possible product.

With offices in San Francisco, Atlanta and Bangalore our team is helping our clients make better financial decisions. Joins us in building a new type of financial services product.

We dress casual; work hard; laugh loudly and are ambitious on the impact we want to make in people’s lives.

Front End Engineer

San Francisco, CA.

Work on the front end of our client facing products or advisor facing tools. We use React & Redux on the front end.

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Full Stack Engineer

San Francisco, CA.

Work on a number of major enginering projects we have in the pineline. Our backend is mostly built in Django.

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Product Designer

San Francisco, CA.

Design the next generation of financial services products. Our first designer.

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Business Development

Atlanta and SF.

Business Development role for anyone with direct experience working with taxes.

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Computer Systems Analyst

San Francisco, CA.

Responsible for designing and maintaining our internal tools and frameworks.

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Many events and decisions during the year impact your taxes, we advise you and optimize your taxes year round.

“Visor took my complicated taxes with multiple W2 and 1099s, maximized my deductions and lowered my tax bill. They are also really friendly and walk you through everything to make sure you save as much as possible. Highly recommend them.”

Feedback from a Visor Client

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